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Since 2009, La Pine Community Health Center (LCHC) has served our region from Sunriver to the north, south to Crescent, and east to Christmas Valley. Through the years, many thousands of patients have depended on us for preventative care, treatment of both acute and chronic illness, behavioral health care with short term counseling, case management, filling prescriptions, providing durable medical equipment, transportation and other resources, and referrals for services not offered close to home.

As our population has significantly increased, LCHC has become the local healthcare “home” – the first stop where all are welcome to receive care, not just those who are low-income or under-insured. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), we also reach out to those who have financial challenges that prevent them from accessing the best care possible. Many of those patients receive free or low-cost care, vouchers, transportation to appointments, classes, meals, and screenings. LCHC has been a lifeline for many and a great convenience for all. Unlike in larger metropolitan areas, telehealth is not an option as many of the patients in our service area face connectivity issues.

The time has come to step up to meet even more needs of our residents. Our new building—which we refer to as the Wellness Center—will enable people to receive mammograms, ultrasounds, CT scans, mental health services, and dental services without having to travel to Bend.




Wellness Center located at the corner of Bluewood Ave & 1st St


Features and Benefits of the New Wellness Center

The expansion of our La Pine campus will include a new, 3-story, 27,000 square foot building—more than doubling our current space—plus a much-needed remodel of our current building and 63 additional parking stalls. Here is a snapshot of what is envisioned for the new space which will be located at 51615 Bluewood Avenue, La Pine, OR 97739:

  • Thousands of additional patients will gain access to services close to home; overcoming transportation barriers to care especially during inclement weather.
  • Addition of a dental clinic for our patients will result in better preventative oral care and treatments for the whole family.
  • New imaging center will encourage more people to receive regular mammograms, CT scans, and ultrasound imaging. This will result in earlier detection of cancers and other serious medical conditions and will relieve stress on the Bend market as capacity increases in south County.
  • Over 5,000 sq ft of space devoted to providing a myriad of mental health services that are currently available in limited capacity in the south County area will result in more timely care for behavioral health issues and warm handoffs from primary care providers where needs are often first identified.
  • Addition of a childcare center for the children of LCHC staff will allow staff to touch base with their children during work hours, improve employee retention and work-life balance, and save cost on private daycare.
  • A large conference room with remote conferencing technology will enhance our community education programs, staff training, and interaction with outside groups and individuals.
  • By moving administrative support staff to offices in the Wellness Center, four additional primary care providers can be added to the clinical team bringing the total to fourteen providers and increasing the primary care capacity by 45%. This will accommodate our growing population and reduce wait times for an appointment.


Bird’s eye view, with 63 additional parking spaces.


Timeline and Funding Plan

Planning for this exciting new project began over two years ago. Grants have been awarded, an architect and general contractor have been hired, and a $5 million capital campaign—called Building for a Healthy Community—has been launched to fund a portion of the $14 million project cost. A Groundbreaking Ceremony will be held on August 10, 2023 and the project should be completed in late 2024. During the next 18 months, we will work together to achieve the goals of the capital campaign and remain debt-free.


Let’s Build It Together!

We are grateful for the great work done by both our staff and elected officials to secure critical support from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the Oregon State Legislature and Congress, through Congressionally Directed Spending.

As we move into the public phase of our campaign, we will rely on the generosity of individuals, foundations, businesses, and organizations to fill the remaining gap in funding. La Pine Community Health Center will also utilize financial reserves that have been segregated for use on this project.

Picture this: The new Wellness Center will be one of the tallest buildings in La Pine and a real centerpiece and landmark in our community. It will also be an architecturally interesting structure—imagine the view from your dental chair and the beautiful quality of light streaming in through those large windows. With ample parking and a heated sidewalk to take you safely from the exam room to the imaging center during our winter months, you’ll be glad to not be on the road between La Pine and Bend. With your help, we can build it together!


Heated sidewalk connecting the existing health center to the new Wellness Center.


Giving Opportunities & Donor Recognition

Within the project, there are many opportunities for sponsoring specific areas, including:

$1 million+
Lead gift with donor name on the building and customized recognition based on donor wishes.

Lead gift for sponsoring either the Dental Clinic, Imaging Center, or Behavioral Health Center.

Lead gift to sponsor the new Childcare Center.

Gifts to remodel medical exam rooms for four new providers.

Gifts to build and furnish offices for management and administrative staff.

Gifts for dental furniture and equipment.

Gifts for lobby furnishings, windows, and parking.

Gifts for technology in conference room, medical and administrative offices.

Gifts used for lighting, plumbing, fixtures, and infrastructure.

All gifts will be used wisely and acknowledged in accordance with the wishes of the donor and the needs of the organization.

Ways to Give

A gift can be made in a number of ways, with every gift used wisely to fulfill the mission, work, and projects of La Pine Community Health Center.

Donate Online

Donate by Mail

La Pine Community Health Center
Attn: Contributions Dept.
PO Box 3300
La Pine, OR 97739

Donate by Phone

(541) 876-2135

Gift of Stock or Securities

Stock Transfer Information:
Brokerage Firm: LPL Financial LLC
Account Name: La Pine Community Health Center
DTC Clearing #: 0075
Account Number: 7986-2702

Making a gift of securities or mutual funds offers you the chance to support LCHC while realizing important benefits for yourself.
By donating appreciated stock you may:

  • Claim a charitable deduction equal to the stock’s fair market value on the day you give it away.
  • Avoid paying capital gains tax.

Please instruct your broker to notify the Development Office at (541) 876-2135 of your transaction. It is the practice of LCHC to immediately sell contributed securities enabling the funds to be used for their intended purpose.

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are 70-1/2 years or older, you can give up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to a qualified charity such as ours without having to pay income taxes on the money. This is also known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD).

Your IRA charitable rollover gift can satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution for the year.

It is wise to consult with your tax professional or financial advisor if you are contemplating a charitable gift under the extended law.

Other Ways to Give

  • Workplace Giving and Matching Gifts from your employer
  • Monthly Giving (recurring gifts)
  • Pledge
  • Sponsorships
  • Planned Giving / Bequests by Will / Trusts
  • Honor and Memorial Gifts

Please contact the Development Office at (541) 876-2135 or development@lapinehealth.org for more information and guidance.

Capital Campaign Committee

Patrick Jackson, chair
Gene Bowman
Kathy DeBone
Ethel Dumon
Ann Gawith
Bea Leach Hatler
Andrea Hine
Patricia Lucas
Helen Marston
Shelly Sanders
Aaron Schofield
Susie Weller

Campaign Advisors:
Charla DeHate, CEO Emeritus
Michael Rosenfield MD, retired medical staff
Kristine Thomas, ED Sunriver Chamber of Commerce


Staff Representatives on Committee:
Erin Trapp, CEO
Courtney Ignazzitto, Marketing & Communications Manager
Allan Flood, Grant Writer

Capital Campaign Contact Information:

Courtney Ignazzitto
Marketing & Communications Manager
(541) 876-2135

Patrick Jackson
Campaign Committee Chair
(541) 241-2982

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Some examples of common walk-in conditions: sore throat, ear infection, minor cuts or burns, muscle strains and cold or flu symptoms.