Sports Physicals – Fall Athletics Beginning Soon!

This year there have been significant changes in regards to free sports physical clinics. The Oregon Health Authority along with the Central Oregon Health Council are urging health care providers to direct parents and guardians to schedule their child’s Annual Wellness Exam with their primary care provider. Annual Wellness Exams (AWE) are covered in full once a year by most health insurance plans*. If your child is an athlete, the sports physical is included in their AWE at no cost. La Pine Community Health Center, along with The Center in Bend, will no longer offer free sports physical clinics. Mountain Medical in Bend has not yet decided if they will be offering a free sports physical clinic this summer.

It is important for your children to receive comprehensive care to address issues such as depression, prior concussions, heart issues, asthma etc. We are encouraging parents and guardians to call their child’s primary care provider to schedule their child’s Annual Wellness Exam appointment as soon as possible. These thorough exams fill up fast so do not wait to call and schedule. If your child has already had their AWE in the last year and are in need of a sports physical, call their primary care provider to request that a sports physical form be completed based on your child’s most recent AWE.

*If your child is not insured and you cannot afford the cost of an office visit, call and ask us for assistance in covering the cost of their healthcare. We may be able to help.