Other Services

Additional Facilities On-Site

Andy (541) 536-7443 


Leah (541) 536-1111 


Lab services provided by:
St. Charles Medical Center


Orthopedic and Neurosurgical outpatient services provided by:

Dr. Anthony C. Hinz
(541) 382-3344

Podiatry services by:

Dr. Brian Wilhelm 
(541) 385-7129 

Deschutes County Behavioral/Mental Health
(541) 322-7500

St Charles Cardiology
(541) 388-4333

Bend Memorial Clinic Cardiology
(541) 318-3064

Need An Appointment?

We are here to serve you! Call 541-536-3435 to make an appointment or ask any questions.


Walk-In Clinic

Need medical care for a minor illness or injury but can’t wait for an appointment? Come by our Walk-In Clinic.

Monday-Friday 8am–6pm24-Hour On Call Accessibility


Some examples of common walk-in conditions: sore throat, ear infection, minor cuts or burns, muscle strains and cold or flu symptoms.