Behavioral Health

Support For Your Whole Health

At La Pine Community Health Center, we believe in health care that focuses on increasing the health of those we serve. While you are a patient at La Pine Community Health Center, your provider may ask you to see a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) during your visit. Your provider will continue to take care of your medical needs and may work with you and the consultant on some of the following situations that could be causing challenges in your life, including:

  • Difficulty with life situations
  • Stress
  • Family troubles
  • Coping with medical diagnosis
  • Tobacco and/or alcohol use
  • Non-medication ways to help with chronic disease
  • Child behaviors
  • Eating and activity changes for healthy weight
  • Learning and memory
  • All types of mental health issues
  • Sleep
  • Couple/marital
  • More

La Pine Community Health Center has two Behavioral Health Consultants who respond to requests for consultations.

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Walk-In Clinic

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Some examples of common walk-in conditions: sore throat, ear infection, minor cuts or burns, muscle strains and cold or flu symptoms.