Taouea Vitousek, LCSW

Taouea Vitousek, LCSW

Since 2023

Taouea’s vision is to support individuals to achieve optimal wellness and enhance the mental and physical well-being of patients. Taouea possesses a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Oregon (2010) and a Master of Social Work from Portland State University (2013).

Over the past five years, Taouea has embraced diverse experiences in various healthcare settings, including a domestic violence shelter, psychiatric hospitals, and primary care settings across central Oregon. Her approach involves meeting individuals where they are, normalizing the human experience, and offering resources to facilitate connections with local support.

Taouea is passionate about assisting individuals to cultivate healthy habits through a lens of self-care and compassion. She is committed to fostering positive change to extend beyond the professional realm, while finding fulfillment in spending quality time with family, enjoying moments on the beach, and exploring the beauty of nature through hiking.

At La Pine Community Health Center, Taouea provides Behavioral Health Care for all ages