Board Of Directors

La Pine Community Health Center counts on the expertise and guidance of its Board of Directors who set policy, hire and supervise the CEO, as well as provide valuable insight into the needs of the community. Our bylaws require that the Board be representative of those we serve in our community, helping to assure that our care and services are relevant to those we serve.

As of January 2018, our board members include:

  • David Gosser
    · President 

  • Marian Mengel
    · Vice President 

  • Linda Vassalli
    · Secretary 

  • Dave Schneider
    · Treasurer 

  • Shelley Miesen
    · Secretary 

  • Joan Walter

  • Michael King

  • Marilyn Waggoner

  • Reverend Lyman Flenner

  • Tammy Lesueur

  • Donny Burklow

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Walk-In Clinic

Need medical care for a minor illness or injury but can’t wait for an appointment? Come by our Walk-In Clinic.

Monday-Friday 8am–6pm24-Hour On Call Accessibility


Some examples of common walk-in conditions: sore throat, ear infection, minor cuts or burns, muscle strains and cold or flu symptoms.