La Pine Community Health Center is located in beautiful Central Oregon and serves the tri-county area of Deschutes, Klamath and Lake Counties.

La Pine Community Health Center

There have been several patients express how thankful they are that Kathy Thompson is there in Christmas Valley for their healthcare.

Shelly is a shining star! She helped keep this patient calm through her ordeal and followed through with researching her referrals. She helped her with arranging rides and care for her at home. Shelly encouraged her to keep her chin up. She also said that she loves Kristina and Janilee because they found out what was wrong with her. She ended the call with thanking the clinic for being here for the community and for the love that the staff shows!

Patient stated she came into our health center injured, tired, in pain and scared about the extent of her injury. She said our providers are bright shining stars. Kristina Timmons is her primary care provider who made a point to check in on her when she was in the clinic even though Kristina's schedule was full. Patient was seen by Christy Farleigh who made her feel like she was heard. The patient was asked what concerns she had, which meant a lot to her. She said when she met with Shelly she felt inspired to help herself. She had hope when she left the health center and felt she was thoroughly taken care of. When she got home her state of mind had improved then she started felt better physically.

Patient thanked me and all our staff for being very kind. She saw Dr. Davis for a walk in issue and was very pleased at our service since she is not our patient and is from out of area.

A patient stopped at the front desk on her way out to let us know that she is very, very impressed by the care she has received here both times she has been here. She said from walking in to her appointments to walking out of them, she has received incredible care and is really impressed by all of us.

A Pacific Source representative called asking for some help with one of our patients. At the end of our call she wanted me to let the staff know that we are one of the most helpful clinics that they have to contact, and that they can tell we really care for our patient's wellbeing. She said it is refreshing to speak to a clinic that cares so much and does whatever they can to help their patients.

Compliments from the health fair in Gilchrist: A patient said that she wished she could establish with Jen Curtis because she just loves her, and she tries to go to walk in when she comes in so that she can be seen by Jen and Robert. Another patient said that she just loves Dr. Davis and his MA. She said that she thinks he is so smart and she wishes she would have seen him 7 years ago before all the other doctors, because Dr. Davis is the only one who has figured out what is going on with her.

A young patient who has been seeing us at the Gilchrist School Based Health Center for the past 2 years wanted to let us know that he has always felt so comfortable having his appointments here because "It feels like home. Everyone here is so super nice".

We received a letter from one of Dr. Rosenfield's long-time patients. The patient complimented him on his care and how happy/content Dr. Rosenfield seems with all of the positive changes that have been made with the organization.

“Ashley has a great personality, is easy to work with, very helpful and well educated in her job. She made my experience so much better and went the extra mile to inform me of my options. She also works fast and efficient.”

“Kristi S. was very calm and welcoming today when there was an emergency situation. I would come back to have my blood drawn by her anytime!”

"Where I come from no one treats people like all of you did today! Thank you so much again It makes me want to move here."

“We love your office and Providers”

“Treated very well with Julie. I really like her.”

“Thank you so much Dr. Rosenfield and Kindra, for helping me.  You guys are the best in your profession that I have ever had in my entire life. Thank you.”

“Rachel M is so nice and wonderful and the best there is!”

“Denise, the world is a better place because you are in it and we need more people like you. You always pleasant and helpful.”

“Thank you for reaching out and supplying free sports physicals to our students at North Lake School. It was greatly appreciated! The staff you put together was wonderful to work with. We look forward to having you back next years. Many thanks!”

“Kuddos, I love the clinic, it's the best one around. Thank you to the whole staff for all you do.”

“I wanted to comment and compliment Darla (St. Charles Lab.) who is wonderful at her job. Congratulations!”


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